It's Time To Make Some Waves

Introducing Laro

We have created a new generation of premium oral care products by combining pharmaceutical-grade science, with potent natural ingredients and sustainable business practices. Our products are free from sulphates, fluoride and nasty chemicals with zero plastic packaging. It's time we demand more from the products we all use every single day.

Laro is on a mission to do better, and bring conscious luxury to your daily practices.

Fluoride-Free | SLS-Free | Zero Plastic

Thoughtfully Chosen Natural Ingredients

Think pineapple enzyme for gentle stain removal, lemon oil to combat stains and white clay for a deep antimicrobial cleanse. Underpinned with hydroxyapatite to mimic your tooth enamel as a hard-working active ingredient, they provide all round care and protection for your mouth.

We have put the same care into creating our packaging. Every part is 100% recyclable through your normal household channels making the right choice an easy one.